Quality policy in our company

Management of ANC COMPONENTS s.r.o. declares by Quality Policy its development vision which is focused on:

  • to satisfy our customer wishes and needs coming from the makret of stamped and presice cutted parts
  • to be a credit to ANC Components s.r.o. plus professional and technical growth of our employees
  • to achieve continuosly improving business and economic results 

These strategic aims were set:

  1. Reinforcement of business stability. Stable and even division of customer portfolio into various sectors of economy.
  2. Failure occurrence prevention.
  3. Company infrastructure modernization. 
  4. Employee qualification development and its utilization. 

Company management undertake:

  • to particularize the Quality policy once a year using evaluable, feasible, all employees acceptable and clearly specified quality goals
  • to create conditions which enable fulfilment of these above mentioned goals and to ensure necessary sources 
  • to check continuously the fulfilment of the given goals and arrange corrective actions if needed

Our employees are expected to:

  • to be consistent and precise
  • to show creative and reliable approach during improvement of working processes and during discrepancy elimination
  • helpful and professional approach during realization of needs and requests coming from our customers


In Zline, 27.1.2012