About ANC

The company was established in 2006 by owners of company ANC FOD, s.r.o. From the beginning, the main aim was to broaden present business activities out sophisticated and highly competitive production activity in industrial area. In view of the dynamic development of this project, the whole activities were at the beginning of 2007 transfered to a newly established, separated company ANC COMPONENTS s.r.o.

Company ANC COMPONENTS s.r.o. is characterized as a production organization concerned with stamping and forming of complicated and tolerantly demanding metal parts for the most exacting applications. We are a commercial stamping plant which offers its whole production capacity to our contract partners.

ANC in numbers:

  • we produce since 2006
  • we currently employ more than 60 employees, out of this min. 85 % are technical people
  • sales portfolio: 50% automotive / 35 % electrotechnology / 15 % other industry
  • production place is 1500 m2, after reconstruction in 2013 up to 3000 m2
  • registered capital: 1 000 000 CZK, legal form: limited liability company

Our customers belong among automotive, electrotechnology, telecommunication industry, white goods equipments, furniture, etc.